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Our leaders

NAME OF YOUR COMPANY has an exceptional team of leaders who are determined and focused on obtaining concrete results. Our experts are constantly looking for new challenges. Open to new ideas and technologies, we are flexible and know that adaptability is an essential quality in our ever-changing world. Learn more about our talented team.


NAME OF YOUR COMPANY has a team of talented consultants, specialized in different fields of activity. New technologies, databases... We use the latest tools to solve the problems of the companies that contact us. But it is above all thanks to our creative and collaborative strategic approach that we reach new heights. Discover our team of specialized professionals.


The NAME OF YOUR COMPANY team is made up of talented professionals. Their experience, their skills and their passion make them high quality collaborators to enable our clients to achieve their goals and take their business to the highest peaks. That's why we invest heavily in recruiting, training and maintaining a productive work environment.

Prof Dr Paul Mawaw

Founder and CEO

Dr Olivier Lukanka

Public Health Program Director

Ir Patcho Saleh

Environment Program Director

Dr Olivier Lukanka

Public Health Program Director

Christian Lenio Ekomo
Operations Manager

L'équipe: L'équipe
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