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With Green Impact Consulting, you contribute to a Green World, for Sustainable Development.


Green Impact Consulting  offers a wide range of effective and efficient services and tools for the identification and management of environmental and health risks in your exploration, construction, operation and community development projects. Our teams of experts, each with more than 10 years of experience in their field, are ready to support you with advice and solutions in the areas of Environment, Health and Safety at the workplace.

Accueil: Bienvenue
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Accueil: À propos de nous

Who we are

Green Impact Consulting is a Congolese firm of expertise in Environment, Health and Safety at work, whose objective is to contribute to Sustainable Development, by the good management of the environment and the maintenance of the health and Safety of the workforce and communities, in projects with environmental, health and social impact in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Our strength lies not in words, but in the initiatives we support and the actions we carry out in the fields of human, animal and  environmental health. In 2020 we have  realized that through collective work, we can meet the challenges, and contribute effectively and efficiently, to maintaining a Green World, one of the essential components of Sustainable Development. This is how we decided to create this Cabinet of Experts in Environment - Health - Workplace Safety, called Green Impact Consulting.

Accueil: Ce que nous faisons

Our vision

The vision of Green Impact Consulting is to become the leader in the field of environmental and socio-sanitary risk management for projects with environmental and socio-sanitary impacts on communities in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Our motto is A Green World for Sustainable Development.

Accueil: Qui sommes-nous

Our objective

Provide you with effective and efficient solutions for the identification, assessment and mitigation of environmental, health and social risks of your projects. We make your health, that of your workers, communities and your environment our central concern.

At Green Impact Consulting, we put all our expertise and resources to achieve our goals. Since our creation, we support our customers with advice, actions and interventions in favor of a clean environment, a Green World, for Sustainable Development.

Our success is measured not by quantitative monetary value, but by qualitative measures to estimate the weight and effectiveness of our efforts.

Think about what we can achieve together, to reach a Green World for Sustainable Developpement!  


Our objective

Our values

  • The know-how

  • Expertise and professionalism

  • Ethics and Equity

  • Gender Equity

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Our Partners

Our organization fully appreciates the generosity of people who, like you, want to get involved and contribute to making Green Impact Consulting an even more efficient environment - health - safety at work service. It is important for us to provide you with all the necessary information about your commitment, we are here to answer all your questions.

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